Qualifications To Becoming Video Game Tester


A video game tester is a job just like any other job. It pays for a person with passion and love for the job. However, most people may not be familiar with video game tester job just because they have not had an experience or come across one person doing the job. If you are wondering on How to Become a Game Tester then read this blog. Few who have done it and are willing to become a video game tester here are some of the qualifications that they need to have.


1. Excellent writing skills

mbbvvxzFast of all for you to become a good video game tester you need to have good writing and grammar skills. Remember that you will be writing detailed reports referring to the bugs you uncover while testing games. The application of this is that a game tester must be well placed to type a complete sentence(s). Also, a game tester must be set and to understand and properly use correct punctuation and capitalization. Remember that you cannot become a game tester and be in a place where everybody uses English yet you cannot speak fluent English or write it.

2. High level of skills and competence

When it comes to playing video games, you have to be an excellent, attentive person. To explain these remember that your job is to test games thoroughly and it is not a game of beating song quickly. A video game tester will be looking for glitches, problematic issues and other factors from the overall gameplay.

3. Documentation experience

For one to become a good video game tester one need to be aware of various music documentation styles available. He/she should be able to document glitches and bugs correctly. You have to make it simple for a developer or the programmer to understand so that when it comes to fixing the problems, they won’t have problems in locating it.

4. Passion

kjjkjkjkggbbvvxFor you to become a competent video game tester you have to love your job, give the best that you can towards your job. Remember that other people’s eye will depend on you. Accepting the challenges and working your best to overcome those challenges, be innovative and willing to fix the problems whenever they arise. Remember most people find this job to be difficult because they are unable to overcome the challenges related to it and later quit. What an excellent video tester should have in mind is that there is no simple job, every job has got some problems related to it and how we overcome those problems determines how professional we become.

5 top reasons why you should use a photo booth for your party


Planning for a party is one of the most demanding moments in life. Throwing an exciting party where people will feel entertained and on edge comes with many other considerations that can easily overwhelm. When you are thinking about throwing a party, entertainment should be at the top of the list. Since we live in a society awash with many forms of entertainment, you should be keen on the type of entertainment that you will consider.

The type of entertainment should include a platform that is both exciting and creative. A photo booth stands out as one of the most creative yet exciting entertainment platforms. Here are some of the reasons you should use a photo booth for your party.

Photo booths rock the party

2222kiujyWhether you are planning for a wedding party, corporate events, or even birthday parties, if you want the party to rock, hire a photo booth for your event. Photo booths gather various groups of people to share some of the rare magical moments together. Furthermore, they enliven the mood of the event as people gather at the booth to capture some of the hilarious episodes. They help people to bond and entertain themselves.

Photo booths are quite affordable

Compared to other modes of entertainment, if you are looking for an entertainment platform that is exciting and affordable, you should go for photo booths. All you need to do is identify companies that hire the booths. In fact, this will give you an opportunity to compare the prices and negotiate accordingly.

Photo booths are not demanding on your part

When you hire a photo booth, all you need to do is give the company space to set it up. This gives you an opportunity to focus on other aspects of the event. In the end, you will ensure that the party attendees have an exciting time without having to strain.

They are customizable

This depends on the nature of participants you expect at your party. All you have to do is notify the company about the nature of attendees, and they will ensure that you have a photo booth that matches the audience. As such, no one feels left out.

They work alongside other entertainment platforms with ease

3333kjhgtThis is one of the unique reasons you should use a photo booth for your party. It is easy to blend the booth with other entertainment platforms. For example, you can get a DJ and a live band at the same time and have your photo booth strategically located without any hassle. Check photo booth rental Dallas to spicy up your next event.

Rogue One Review – A 2016 Star Wars Movie


Rogue One movie begins as a smart, simple concept. It is a standalone movie based on the opening of 1977’s Star Wars. It is about rebels nabbing plans of the Empire’s creation of the super weapon. This is what exactly this action movie is all about. The first recruit Jyn needs to get a way and reach her long-lost father. Her father is the great scientist who is behind the invention of Death Star. She is reluctant at first. In fact, she only joins the cause after getting a message from the father that he had set some weakness on the weapon.

The start

She startstgv23wed5t23we6dy272u2 to assemble a sizeable team of rebels that includes Riz Ahmed, Diego Luna, and Donnie Yen, who is a quality, blind fighter. By retrieving the plans, this means there is a showdown at the Empire. In fact, this happens to be one of the epic wars ever. The story is quite familiar to the fans, and its prospects are strong from the start. In the Disney movie, very little was known about Rebel spies. The new movie brings out the characters and makes a lady the best team leader.

Is it a success?

By all measures, this movie is quite thrilling and succeeds. It is a movie that will scratch the head of every fan. The other good thing about this movie is that it succeeds in bringing the franchise into the 21st century. For instance, it features an inclusive cast to date. Star War movies are usually released during all forms of political climates.

Rogue One full movie is not like any other movie. The movie reveals the manner in whic
h the dark sides and light creep into the world each single day. Nowadays, it is quite difficult to find any pleas for sanity or despair, and the movie is not exempted, particularly when it wears the rebellious ontrgwedgwed62yh3w72u82i92es.

Let us get back to Jyn. The world might have told that she is entitled to pursue political opinions. The truth is that she represents some. Therefore, she is anti-establishment, pro-hope, and anti-totalitarian. In 2016, this is the right way for any particular member of rebels to go rogue. In conclusion, Rogue One is the movie for fans, which they have been dreaming of for many years. It features shot action sequences, realistic, practical effects of original films.

Searching a good live band for your wedding


As wedding is once in a lifetime; choosing the right live music band for entertainment is most important. Choosing the right band for your wedding is much importance as the wedding itself, as a music band will affect the wedding atmosphere in different ways. Below are some factors you need to consider when choosing a live band for a wedding.

Wedding band must fit the wedding venue

It’s essential to choosing a wedding band that your venue will accommodate well. As this should be established long in advance of booking any band as well as the venue. Different venues often have different requirements that your band should meet such as insurance cover and portability equipment certificate.

Type of Music

3jjjjjYou should choice a music band that reflects your individual personalities. For instance, the type of music you’re suited with; classical, funk, rock music, etc.

For example, do you want music that will make your guests dance? To get it right ask for a wedding playlist and highlight the music that you like as well as those you dislike.

Consider Your First Dance

If you’re planning to begin your wedding with a classical or rock music as a first dance, then be clear to the band of your choice and be sure their can play your requested song very well.

How long will the band play the music?

The time factor is very important in mind. Therefore, it’s a very good idea to think of the out intervals as well breaks and how this time will be recovered. You may have different ideas on how you want your wedding to end, and it is a good idea to discuss this also with your music band.


6bbbbbBudget is more essential and considers only what your budget allows. There is a variety of ways of choosing a suitable budget. For example, probably pay for a wedding music band or DJ.

Experience of the music group

Searching a music band that as a good experience is more important. You need to pick experienced and professional musicians who will not let you down and will guarantee you a smooth and professional experience for your guests at the occasion.

Always make sure you get the band you book

You need to make sure that it’s only the band Around Town Entertainment that will entertain your guest. Believe it or not, some wedding bands may try to provide different band members on the night before your wedding.

It is very important to ensure that the wedding band you have booked will be the one entertaining the wedding.

Top Tips For Playing Escape Room


If you are fond of puzzles, working under pressure and teamwork, then you will find room escape quite fun to play. This interactive game is fast becoming popular in cities across the globe, including Los Angeles as well as in other cities across North America. Due to the growing popularity of these rooms, the game has become very common among people who are looking for a new form of entertainment away from video games and other common games. It is important to understand what you should know about escape the room los angeles for you to have a good comprehension of facts about this game.

Tips for playing escape room

Defining the game

Room escapes are unique game rooms in wtg2ed6y2e7u28i292hich players are locked inside and required to solve different puzzles and clues to unlock the door. The game is played in teams comprising of a minimum of 5 people to a maximum of 30 people depending on the size of the room. Though some of the settings in which these games are played are horror-Chemed, the games are not scary but are fun-filled and very exciting.

The games are hard and if not well-played, you will lose
An important aspect about what you should know about room escape Los Angeles is that the games offered are very challenging and hard to solve. Therefore, for a team to succeed and unlock the door, teamwork is very important as well as creative and critical thinking. The games are very fun to play especially if there is good coordination and interaction in a team.

The secret of winning is in your team

More often than not, winning in these games is hugely dependent on the composition of your team. A team needs to have a perfect mix of different types of skills and talents. For instance, a team comprising of a writer, programmer, talented artist, and a sales person has high winning chances than a team of colleagues in the same line of work and specialization. In addition to this, a team needs to have people with great inter-personal skills and avoid having crazy friends who can barely pay attention to team efforts.

Familiarize with your team before getting into a room escape
The team stg2w3e6y27eu28i292hould gather beforehand and know each other well to feel comfortable on the team while playing. This is because it is fun and more exciting to play with people you know rather than play with strangers. Team members should feel free to interact with each other and reason out together when playing to get the solutions and clues of the game you are playing.

When you are familiar with what you should know about room escape los angeles, it becomes easy to enjoy the fun and thrilling experience of playing in these rooms. With great skillfulness, teamwork, creativity, and optimism, you will be able to solve any puzzle and win the game. Consequently, you will claim any prizes and medals available.

How to Find a Cheap Gaming Laptop


Anyone who is on the market for one of the many new gaming laptops currently produced is likely wondering what they should know before they make their purchase. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, you should certainly investigate which components are important for the best cheap gaming laptop. When you make sure that you have the right components in your laptop, you will get the most you can get out of your games.

When you can buy any computer that you want, you should certainly buy a computer that has the best characteristics in every area of the computer system. If you are on a limited budget, though, or you are looking for the best deal you can obtain with your laptop purchase; you are going to want to consider a few different factors before you make your purchase.

How to find a cheap gaming laptop

1. The speed of the processor

When you have a fast processor, you can be sure that every other component of yewqeqeqeour computer will run in an efficient manner. This is the part of the computer that processes all of the information that you are working on your games. If you have a slow processor, you are going to find that your game load times are slower than they should be, and you will also see lag time occurring in the middle of your games

2. The amount of RAM installed

If you need to receive the exceptional benefits from your gaming, you should be sure that your laptop has at least 4 GB of RAM installed. If you are going to be playing games that are not the most advanced games being issued right now, then you may be able to get by with less RAM installed in your system.

3. The amount of RAM thaaedsadadat your laptop comes with

If you cut back on the amount of RAM that your laptop has, you may find that you cannot run the best games on the market. If you want to be sure that your computer can run the best games available today, you should make sure it comes with at least 4 GB of RAM.

4. The type of graphics card your laptop has

Due to the amount of graphics that must be handled by a laptop for gaming, it is important to have a strong video card. Having a video card of at least 1GB is good. If you do not have a great graphics card in your laptop, you are going to find that the definition of the images you are viewing are not up to par with what the games you are playing are capable of presenting.

Tips on Streaming Movies Online


Are you tired of paying your monthly cable television bills? Do you regret missing some episodes of your favorite television programs because you happen to have outside commitments at the time they were aired? You can now get some of the free movie streaming websites online. The perfect answer to these questions lies in your Internet connection. You can now access free television shows and movies right on your computer, without having to subscribe to cable television.

Streaming movies online

Install the necessary programssfsdfdss

Watching tv on your computer entails that you have the necessary programs installed. The most commonly used programs for watching streaming media are Adobe Flash Player, QuickTime, Real Player, and Windows Media Player. Check to see what computer programs you have currently installed on your computer.

Have a good search engine

Go to your Internet search engine and search for free television shows. You will be furnished immediately with a list of websites offering live streaming. All you need to do is access any of these links. You can, however, have an easier time choosing your preferred Website by searching for ‘free online streaming’ instead of ‘free tv.’

The online streaming Websites that would appear on your search results will provide you with a more comprehensive listing of free movies and television shows.

If you’re just looking for one particular television program, just search for the title of the television show itself. You will usually get a listing of the different episodes on the specific tv show that you typed in. Be mindful, however that some of these sites are spammers.

It would be a good idea for you to access more than one Website offering downloads or streaming of your favorite tv program. This will give you a ready alternative if the actual episode you are looking for is not available in one of the sites. There are times when an episode is not available even though it is included in their listing. You need to ensure that your Web browser and your selected Website are compatible. Most of these Websites require fast Web browsers.

Alternativelysdgdfgdf, if you don’t want to go to any of these Websites because they require computer programs and downloads that you are not comfortable with, you can just go to YouTube. Some Internet users upload entire movies divided into ten-minute segments on YouTube.

They come in ten-minute segments because that is the maximum length of videos allowable for a single upload. You can opt to do this if you don’t mind having to download several segments.

For your computer’s safety, choose Websites that do not require downloads and installation of software from their sites. Lastly, do not subscribe to Websites that offer videos of movies and programs for a fee. Whatever shows or movies they are offering can surely be accessed for free somewhere else.

Tips On How To Plan A Successful Concert


Concerts offer a lot of fun, but it is good to note that it takes a lot of effort to plan a successful one. This is why it is good to take your time to do the thorough planning so that you have a concert that everybody will live to remember. Below are some tips on how to plan a successful concert.

Plan A Successful Concert

Find the best entertainersrftg6y7u8i9i7u8i9io0

Usually, it will take you big names in the entertainment industry to attract large crowds during the concert. This is where you need to understand the type of entertainers who have a large following in your area. Note that you will need to pay the singers, band or musician you invite for your concert. Your main goals here should be to keep the cost as low as possible and have a successful concert.

Secure a great venue

Location of your concert is a major factor that determines the success of your concert. You need to get the most suitable and best location so that people will also be motivated to attend. Begin by creating a list of some of the locations that you would like to use. It is advisable to look for a venue that is popular for holding great concerts in your area. By selecting such a venue, it will be easy for you to advertise your concert and attract a large crowd. Ideally, you should acquire a space that has good lighting and nice acoustics.

Promote your concert

For many people to understand that you have a concert, you need to advertise it. You can do this by sending press releases to the local newspaper, radio stations, and other means. Convince people that your concert is unique and worth attending. With the increased use of internet, you can also advertise your concert by sending Facebook invitations or even creating a Facebook event.

Youtg78i8i9io07u8i87 can also use other websites or social media that have large following. Other means you can include community bulletin boards and posters. Find an artist with skills at graphics to design great posters for the concert. Make sure that you include the venue, price, date and any other information necessary for people to understand.

Get sponsors

It never hurts to find sponsors for your concert. They will help you cater for some of the costs involved in holding your concert. You can request local business people, friends or charitable organizations to sponsor your concert.

Essentials Of Learning A Guitar


Musical instruments enhance the quality of a musical piece. A guitar is one of the greatest in existence today. Due to its relatively low price, portability, and ease of learning many people have developed an interest in knowing how to play the guitar. For a beginner, it is important to consider the following basic principles.



For a guitar, knowing how to play it mainly depends on your finger memory. In the beginning, one needs a lot of concentration to coordinate the brain and fingers but with time, the fingers alone can play without having to engage your mind much. To attain this mastery of the instrument, one need to spare time for a practice session at least every day.

Understand the basics

For you to realize your objective on knowing to play guitar; you must build this from the very basic skills. Once you master the basics, then be assured that you will indeed be good at it sooner than later. You can learn this from books, hire a teacher or get online tutorials. Pay attention to the rhythm and lead as well as mastering picking and strumming.


It is never an easy thing to learn a new thing in life. Learning to play guitar is not easy either, and many people can easily get discouraged. In the beginning, the quality of your play may remain poor even when you have dedicated sufficient time to it. The fingers will pain and perhaps develop calluses. You should remain resilient and keep focused on your ultimate objective. Set short-term goals and go bit by bit.

Initjmi3edy6edy27u292oially, a lot of time is spent on learning chords and how to combine them. When you start to change the chords, you realize that you are breaking your rhythm by involuntary pauses. To avoid this, you need to adopt a correct finger positioning. Do it now and then, try to play fast and slow down. With time, you will have a clearly noticeable improvement.


Listen to other Players

As a matter of fact, listening is an indispensable skill you should have. Pay attention to how other people are playing, both in video albums and live concerts. Observe the skills they employ and try to apply them when practicing. Then compare the tone and clarity you can achieve. By adhering to the above tips, you will find them immensely helpful and soon you will be tutoring young talents.